Video COnsultation

We know that traditional consultations involve face to face meetings, but advances in both the availability of high speed internet and video conferencing technology have paved the way for potential changes in practice.

Some consultations and conditions will necessarily involve a more hands on approach, but there are many conditions that can be managed more remotely and in the majority of cases the diagnostic phase of a musculoskeletal problem can progress significantly without a face to face meeting.

In the current climate of the Coronavirus pandemic it is important to maintain social distance to slow down and limit the spread of the disease and even to try and protect vulnerable groups from exposure until reliable vaccines or treatments become available. Video consultations are a good way of achieving this.

How it works

Click on the link below and sign up to our video consultation platform. A functioning email address is vital in order for us to send you the links required to register and then access. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you have not received a registration email within a few minutes.

Once registered you can book into one of the available clinics, choose a convenient time and pay for the screening appointment. Please ensure that your computer equipment is functioning well with a broadband internet connection. You will be able to upload some images to the system before the consultation if you feel they are relevant to help explain your specialist better understand your problem.

What can I Expect

Depending on the nature of your problem there are three likely outcomes from your initial screening consultation
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